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Historical Echoes Tea & Performance


Dr. Karen Horney, MD

Saturday Oct. 13, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Opera House Grand Ballroom
Tickets: $35 (Price Includes Preservation FEE)

Light Afternoon Tea & Personality - Dr. Karen Horney, M.D. was a member in the second medical school class graduating (1911) in Germany that admitted women. At the time, University curricula and professors did not respect Sigmund Freud’s work or publications. After writing an acceptable (to the professors) thesis, she turned around and declared that she would pursue research under Dr. Freud. Karen had a mind of her own and studied neurosis of the human condition. She took issue with Freud's male-centrist view of mental health and human development. She was forever curious, thinking, and learning. Her work has inspired other research and laid to groundwork for feminist theories of the 1960s. Her psychodynamic psychotherapy clinic remains active in New York City.

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