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Historical Echoes Tea & Performance

Irena Sendler

Saturday May. 5,
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Opera House Grand Ballroom
Tickets: $30 (Price Includes Preservation FEE)

Irena Sendler was a forgotten WW II hero until recently. She was a young professional Social Worker in Warsaw when the Nazis invaded the country and their society. Nazi’s brought hate and prejudice, and encouraged neighbors to hate neighbors. Finally, as a part of Hitler’s “Last Solution” all Warsaw Jews were forced into an overcrowded, diseased ghetto before being taken to the death camp, Triblinka, northeast of Warsaw.

Irena became a state sponsored “nurse” to check diseases in the ghetto. In reality, she was an underground courier who sneaked children out of the ghetto under the eyes and ears of the Nazi guards. She and her small group are credited with saving about 2500 children by various and ingenious means. She carried babies out in carpenter boxes under the tools, she trained her dog to bark at the gates with Nazi guards to cover any cries or noises from the children in morgue boxes. Irena was captured and sentenced to death. In prison she was tortured and all her limbs were broken, but her escape and return to her work are a part of the story. Irena Sendler and her story from WW II came to light through Kansas High School student’s research. Historical Echoes brings authentic performances of women who challenged and changed history.

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